Path of Exile officially teases the upcoming 3.13 extension

  • According to reliable sources, the Path of Exile game team plans to announce some information about the next expansion within 3 weeks. Although some people may think that three weeks is still relatively long, players who think about it will know that the duration of the currently ongoing Heist Flashback Event is exactly three weeks. When players get tired of this activity and get enough POE Currency, the developers just add new extensions to the game to provide players with new fun.

    Everyone is very much looking forward to what Livestream format and Endgame content will show to them in the 3.13 extension, what are the outstanding aspects of the new league gameplay and mechanism, whether the game balance has increased, and whether there are more practical new items appear. At present, besides the information shared by Bex, although players know nothing about Path of Exile’s new expansion, they can still get entertainment in the current event. After all, the event hasn’t been released for long.

    Players can refer to the Heist League released by GGG in September. When the Heist League was hot, the game team added many updates and patches to the league to continuously optimize and enhance the players’ gaming experience. According to past cases, and the arrival of Cyberpunk 2077, the expansion of POE 3.13 has more time to improve. The experience it will bring to players will definitely be very rich and interesting. So they don’t need to worry that it will be boring.

    And players with free time can also study Heist in depth before the game team proclaims the next expansion, which may bring more inspiration for their development in Path of Exile. But the old saying is right to focus on the moment. Every player who wants to be honored is best to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs to release all their enthusiasm and do their best to accomplish everything.