Path of Exile gives away an item of 30 euros, this is how you g

  • In a short time, you can fix the plump wings for the POE feature. We will explain exactly how this works in the article.

    Action RPG players have not been easy lately: Last year, the hopeful Wolcen and Torchlight 3 could only partially meet fan expectations, and by 2021, it still looks bad: Magic: The legend begins with big problems, and is far from it Compete with the genre giants "Diablo 3" and "Path of Exile". Fortunately, with "Path of Exile 2", an important successor to the long-running Steam will appear in our home by 2022 at the latest. Now, after a long period of time, there are finally new information and brand-new gameplay. If you watch live on Twitch, you can even get high-quality POE Currency for free.

     On the evening of April 8, 2021, at 10 pm Central European Time, the developer Grinding Gear Games will first introduce POE 3.14 and the new "Ultimatum" extension on the official Twitch channel. Anyone who watches the developer or partner channel for 30 minutes between 10 pm and 6 am the next day can get cosmetics for free.

    What's there? Wings of the Faith Guard is released. You can install these fairly large wings in the back slot of the cosmetics label, which usually costs 320 POE points, which is less than 30 Euros. However, this item will not give you a playful advantage, because there is no Pay2Win in the path of exile.

    Buy POE Currency to make the POE Twitch channel or other POE channels active. Please make sure to display the comment "Drops active" at the bottom of the streaming window, it is a safe choice to do so. Since the announcement at ExileCon, not only will the new "Final Wanted" expansion be unveiled for the first time, but also the new gameplay of "Path of Exile 2" will be released for the first time.