Path of Exile: "Atlas" is Grinding Gear's most downloaded exten

  • "Path of Exile" has been launched for seven years, and it is constantly seeking success. Grinding Gear Games announced today that "Atlas Echo" is the most downloaded extension.

    "Echoes of the Atlas" is the 35th expansion of the free online action RPG games (such as "Diablo") released on PC and on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles in "Echoes of the Atlas" on January 16 or Update, the "Path of Exile". "On January 20, Grinding Gear claimed that at the beginning of Atlas' Echoes, there were 265,250 simultaneous players on Steam, making it the fourth most popular game on the giant PC gaming platform. Since the establishment of the New Zealand studio , The number of players has been 11% higher than the previous version of "Path of Exile". In March, the first global COVID-19 outbreak no longer joined the Delirium expansion plan.

    With the restoration of lock-in, it is easy to say that this is what is driving the growth of
    POE Currency. While they are helping, Grinding Gear Games general manager Chris Wilson (not related to the writer)-Atlas Echoes is popular for other reasons.

    For ordinary "Path of Exile" players, we have created new ways to play and explore the world of Wraeclast by rebalancing all our dominant classes. For both new and old players, the Etiquette Alliance provides an attractive mechanism for robbery and battle, and players can jump into it from the very beginning.

    "We believe that the excellent performance of "Path of Exile"-attracts battles, the flexibility of the reward  system and game options, so that the echo of Atlas expansion reaches all the right notes." The league is the world you participate in. The standard league is a game played by ordinary players like me. The core league is aimed at more advanced players. Etiquette is a challenge alliance, a temporary alliance featuring monster battles and exclusive loot.

    "Usually, Buy POE Currency will make us enter the top five on Steam. With the development of the game industry and the emergence of more games, the top rankings become more and more crowded, so with the natural ebb and flow of release, Maintaining the leaderboard is becoming more and more difficult. Now, the number of concurrent players arriving there is twice as many as a few years ago." He said. "We also have fans of Path of Exile on more and more platforms, which means that some of our growth has not been reflected on Steam. Every time we see Path of Exile and other popular figures in the industry, we still I am very happy."