Path of Exile’s new endgame expansion

  • The new live broadcast by developer Grinding Gear Games shows the upcoming expansion and its accompanying Ritual league. After Path of Exile players reach the current version of the game endgame, some new "Atlas" echo systems will be activated. A mysterious entity called "The Maven" asked to watch the player fight the boss in various fields, thus making the battle more difficult for her presence.

    As players impress The Maven over time, she will increase her challenge and ask them to defeat familiar bosses at the same time. Maven will eventually challenge players to a duel. Since she is the most powerful character that players have faced so far, players can POE Currency Buy to beat The Maven to bring powerful and unique rewards.

    The Atlas passive skill tree does not directly increase the power of the character, but rather shapes the experience of the road to exile. Players can invest their points in specific types of activities. For example, in the Lex Proxima area of ​​the Atlas passive skill tree, players who enjoy Harvest activities can invest points to help them find more sacred trees or get more crafting rewards from the sacred trees. Other regions also provide similar treatment for certain activities, such as gaining more experience by surpassing monsters.

    This new custom system is a way for players to choose the endgame content they want. As part of the core game, both Heist and Harvest have returned to "Road to Exile", increasing chances of casual contact for players. Of course, some players will enjoy some of these activities more than others.

    The Echo of "Atlas" has also remade many "advantage classes", that is, advanced basic classes that players can choose after reaching a specific game level, thereby providing them with more customization options and skill trees. Elementalists, Inquisitors, Undead and Killers will all see improvements in the atlas echo. This rework adds new skills while also making the identity of each advantage clearer.

    Despite the large-scale, endgame-focused expansion, the echo of Atlas also carries a new challenge alliance: ritual. Players can choose to start the path of exile with a brand-new character, participate in the endgame, and accept new challenges. With Ritual, players can stumble across altars scattered around the world. After killing the monsters around the altar, the player can activate the altar to revive the enemy with the help of mysterious magic. Subsequent altars will then spawn their unique enemies and enemies of previous altars in the area. Players can use items called "ceremonial containers" to increase the difficulty and rewards of the ceremony.

    According to the ceremony, players will receive a new currency, Tribute. Players can spend tributes to purchase new items from the failed ceremony. Players lose tributes when they leave an area, so they cannot be accumulated. If the player finds an ideal item they cannot afford, they can purchase POE Currency PS4 to obtain the item. This ensures that the required items will reappear in future rituals. "Atlas" echo also comes with many new "unique items" and "skills" gems, players can use to make powerful new items. This expansion also comes with 11 new maps for players to play.