Green Bay Packers Madden 21 Theme Team: Full Review

  • The Green Bay Packers have experienced an exciting 2020 NFL season under the leadership of their possible MVP Aaron Rodgers. They won the NFC's No. 1 seed and are ready to make solid progress in the Super Bowl. Throughout the season, we conducted various thematic team reviews, the most recent one was in the giant theme team. In fact, for some players, they have to Buy Madden 21 Coins to form a perfect theme team.

    This team theme was created by the faithful MightyWings on MutHead. This is a 91 OVR team led by 91 OVR defenses and 90 OVR offenses. It is worth mentioning that if their team enters the playoffs, players will often receive a card to juice, so if they enter the Super Bowl, looking for some of them will be boosted.

    The attack was led by 95 OVR Aaron Rodgers. Compared with 93 Andre Johnson, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Greg Jennings, the broad recipients of the team quite. But this is where major improvements are made to the theme team. Davante Adams is a cautious 92 OVR, but he has been appointed as the newest member of the Madden 21 99 club and hopes he will receive a new card in the coming weeks.

    The guards of this team are 93 Aaron Jones and 93 Barry Sanders. The tense situation is almost closely related to the choices of 92 Jimmy Graham, 90 Jermichael Finley and 90 Jared Cook. Using TE Attack with these three beasts can almost determine the score. Defense Now at first glance, the overall score of the defender is higher than that of the attacker, which is a bit shocking. But the defensive end of football is crazy. The 12 defensive players recorded have an OVR of 90 points or higher, which has never been seen in these thematic team reviews.

    Let's take a look at the linebacker. The starters are 96 OVR Sam Mills, 95 Ted Hendricks and 86 Preston Smith. Frighteningly, the backup MLB and LOLB are 90 OVR Blake Martinez and 92 OVR Za'Darious Smith respectively. Secondary schools will lead to various types of crimes suitable for opposition. The cornerbacks are led by 96 OVR Charles Woodson, 91 Jay Alexander and 86 Kevin King. FS is 92 OVR Micah Hyde, SS is 92 Leroy Butler and 91 Adrian Amos.

    Last but not least is the defensive line. 95 OVR Julius Peppers, 92 Reggie White and 91 Kenny Clark will make the offensive line look like roller skates. This team is stable from top to bottom, and they hope that some of them can get better MUT cards in the playoffs. If they can buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins, then they will be able to easily obtain the top-tier MUT card.