Path Of Exile Details “Substantial” Patch Notes Process

  • Grinding Gear Games has announced the official release date of the upcoming 3.13.0 extended version of Path Of Exile, and there is also a trailer. Now, we are not the loyal supporters of the announcement, but the facts, because GGG decided to give fans time to prepare and get rid of the New Year’s hangover before getting involved in the new Path of Exile feature. If you want to experience the new features of Path of Exile to the maximum, you can POE Currency Buy to save more time to find them

    Grinding Gear Games wrote: "At 11 am on January 7th (PST), we will release the 3.13.0 extended version of Path Of Exile, which will include new final game content, new challenge leagues, and new skills. , Items, etc. On our regular announcement page, through the exclusive live broadcast of the official website of the road of exile, the in-depth details of this expansion are revealed.” By the way, for the fans of the road of exile in Europe, it is Greenwich Standard At 7:00 pm, GGG prepared a lengthy repertoire for this.

    The stream will begin with the official extension trailer of "Road of Exile" 3.13.0 to allow the juice to circulate. However, as developers will delve into almost everything that the extension provides, then the most useful part will follow. Path Of Exile players will be able to see new gems and detailed explanations of the underlying mechanics. Having said that, GGG pointed out that they will not discuss each balance change in detail, as this will extend the flow to approximately one month of running time.

    If you have any other questions by then, Ziggy and Chris Wilson will conduct a Q&A session for the in-depth discussion of Road to Exile 3.13.0. Fans will definitely benefit from the upcoming expansion, but the first thing to consider is the New Year's hangover. If you want to get more POE Exalted Orb, please visit professional POECurrency.


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