Path of Exile allows you to find out what is in the Twilight My

  • Grinding Gear Games recently announced that it has stocked a free action role-playing game Path Of Exile filled with "Twilight Mysteries" boxes. These boxes contain a total of 38 kinds of cosmetics with costume effects based on Lunaris and Solaris. You can POE Currency Buy or trade with other players to collect various clothing to form two complete clothing sets, the sunrise armor set and the night armor set.

    According to the official announcement, each "Twilight Mystery" box will cost you 30 points, but "guarantee that the value of a microtransaction is equal to or greater than the value of the box." The comment added, "The average reward value is 110 points, which is the cost of the box. More than three times", which means that each box can hold items worth 30 to 320 points.

    The announcement has a handy chart showing the rarity of "Twilight's Mystery" box items and their respective micro-transaction point costs. The rarity is divided into common, rare and rare, and the percentages are set at 45%, 35% and 20% respectively. Also note that the microtransactions of these mysterious boxes "will be available in stores approximately one month after the heist alliance ends."

    Now is the best part of the "Sunrise" and "Twilight Armor" suits both look super cool. Individual armor can be found in "rare" and "rare" mystery boxes, including gloves, boots, helmets, cloaks, body armor and wings. You will also find sunrise and dusk halo effects, sunrise wolf pets, night dragon pets, portals, weapon effects and character effects. Don't worry, even ordinary mysterious boxes contain attractive items, such as Sunrise Orrery Pet, Nightfall Cloud Pet, environmental impact, construction supplies, footprints, helmet accessories, etc. Clicking on the name of each item in the chart will link you to a short video to showcase the item in the game, so you can see how they look on or beside (your) character.

    Many mystery boxes contain cosmetics and clothing items that can be combined with another item to "create a hybrid version of the two designs for more in-depth character customization." For example, sunrise-style body armor and night-style bulletproof All clothes can be worn at the same time to form a twilight body armor. For more information on how to open the mysterious box, Buy POE Orbs and more information about the project, please refer to POECurrency.