Path of Exile: Mirror of Calandra-this is why it is so precious

  • The Path of Exile not only drops a lot of different items, but also various currencies. So far, the rarest one is "Kalandra's Mirror". Here you can find what makes Kalandra mirror so special. Mirroring is so rare: even after 10,000 hours of gaming, many long-term PoE players have never received mirroring as a trophy, let alone new players. Fortunately, players can Buy POE Currency to quickly increase their income, thereby saving more time.

    Currency in PoE-a brief description
    In the game, there are no gold coins or dual coins like other RPGs, but different areas of currency. Since they have the opportunity to obtain them as trophies, they are rare. For example, some only fall from bosses or special monsters. Mirrors are so precious: in the game, today’s mirrors will cost you about 770 noble balls or 82,000 chaotic spheres.

    What to do with a mirror
    Copy an item. Sounds simple. However, the trick is which item you want to copy. Legendary and damaged items cannot be mirrored with this. Therefore, only ordinary, magical and rare items remain. It should also be mentioned that items mirrored in this way cannot be changed. Only applies to the original version.

    Item modification-simplified description
    Rare items can be modified up to six. There are various mods according to the types of items. Some are desirable, some are often useless. According to different needs, each mod can still scroll on different levels. In addition, certain modified equipment is extremely rare. Some commodities will not show a ~0.1% chance at all. This is an example: suppose we have a pair of boots. Their item level is high enough to get the required T1 mod. The base of the boots also has a "hunter's influence", so special mods may appear, and it is impossible without such influence.

    Only such items are rare and therefore expensive. Basically, we want a special mod that appears approximately once every 1000 crafts. Achieving this goal is the first expenditure of time and money. When we do this, we will look at the remaining 5 mods and try to launch them perfectly in different and sometimes very expensive ways. During this process, the first required mod is often deleted unintentionally. Then you must start again. The perfect "mirror layer" item spends a lot of time in the game just repeating the steps and starting over, which is normal. Every time you have to invest time, Chaos Orb and nerves. Mirrors can be used when the production cost and the time required to produce the required items are reasonable.