NBA 2K21' Guide to Shooting Skills: How to Become a Deadly Shoo

  • Thanks to 2k’s new technology, this year’s "NBA 2K21" version takes its shooting mechanism to a whole new level. Although it may be difficult for some people to shoot three-pointers from long distances, it brings new challenges and experiences to those who like it. Even so, they can buy NBA 2K21 MT to enhance the game's strength.

    NBA 2K21is slightly different from the previous version. Even senior players in the game, if they don’t understand how the new shooting mechanism works, may throw the ball at the audience. Having said that, here are some tricks, as stated by Mike Wang of its own developer 2K, how to become a deadly shooter in NBA 2K21.

    Last September, when NBA 2K21 was released in major stores around the world, the game director of the series, Mr. Wang, shared some tips on how to become a better shooter. He wrote on Twitter: "Tips for shooting 2K21: Click the left trigger at the ideal release time to enhance the effect. If you use the "shoot" button, turn off the "shoot meter" to enhance the effect. If you imagine last year The same is true for Shot Timing on Pro Stick. This year it will be more difficult to release in green. Please be patient or close Shot Aiming.

    If you need to perfect your shooting skills and adapt to the mechanism. Here are some tricks that may come in handy: pull down the right joystick, once pulled back, it will slightly move to the left or right according to your shooting angle. Keep your hands steady. Focus on your goals, that's it. AI will automatically calculate the rest. If you arrange the shooting time correctly, you will get a greater improvement, which will help you get a shot into the net. Keep practicing. There is a training facility in "2K21" that can be used to help you improve your shooting skills before participating in a real game.

    Our last trick is to be consistent. Of course, it is difficult to make AI consistently respond to your shots, but it is feasible. First, always aim the target at the hot spot. If you shoot from there, you will get better promotion. Each player has his own comfortable blue area. Try to pay attention to them. If you play MyCareer, please focus on getting the shooting badge to increase your abilities without messing up the statistics. If you feel frustrated, you can change the settings a bit. You can turn off the illuminance meter and use the default Square/X to shoot. The accuracy is poor, but if that is your way of playing, so be it!

    2K21 is all about consistency and practice, but don't forget to take a break when you encounter setbacks. The more you try, the better the result. Finally, if you need to purchase NBA 2K21 MT For Sale, please visit GameMS.