Madden 21 Zero Chill: Learn What Is Chill Factor

  • Madden 21 has added a new Zero Chill cooldown mode to its latest update in Ultimate Team. The zero-degree chill of MUT 21 is in full swing, and the new "lost position" setting has reached Madden 21. Players must have a certain strength to complete the challenges brought by Zero Chill. Some players choose to Buy Madden 21 Coins to gain more advantages. Learn what the cold factor is, how to improve it, and more detailed information.

    "Madden 21" didn't start well in this franchise. Fans are annoyed by the released game and hope that the NFL abandons EA. After a period of time and after installing updates and patches, the game became more stable and the player problem gradually disappeared. Madden 21 will regularly add new content to its players in its updates, one of the latest updates has a feature called Chill factor. Players want to know what the chill factor is in Madden 21.

    What is the Chill Factor in Madden 21?
    Zero Chill is the latest feature of their ultimate team game mode. It has been added to the game as a winter update. The new content of Zero Chill will bring cool challenges to players and help them improve the strength of the final team. Players need to play, collect and upgrade in this game mode, because this will help increase their chill factor, unlock new experiences and deal with new challenges.

    Two new currencies have been added to the game: Zero Chill, Snow and Chill Factor. Many players have been asking how to obtain the calmness factor or how to increase the calmness factor. Cooling factor is a new ranking system with zero cooling mode. Players need to complete the Zero Chill Challenges, aily Objective Lists, Sets, and purchase certain packs in the Store and that’s how to get chill factor and how to raise chill factor. If your challenge fails, you don't have to Worry, you can buy MUT Coins at GameMS, and then improve your game skills.