Next NBA 2K21 Patch: There Will Be More MyNBA fixes

  • The NBA 2K community has been waiting for several weeks and finally arrived on Monday morning. Patch 4 hit in the early hours of Monday morning, but game fans had to wait longer to receive notes explaining the update. If you use the MyNBA mode of NBA 2K21, since the next version was released last month, there are some issues that may make you feel a little frustrated, but you can buy NBA 2K21 MT to make your game easier.

    The latest NBA 2K21 patch alleviates many problems, but there are still breakthrough issues that affect this mode. For example, there will be problems when using the created roster in offline or online saving. Some players also encountered corrupted save files, which wiped out every 2K-related file on the hard drive.

    Similarly, the introduction of draft classes for MyNBA Online has also put the model in trouble. MyNBA is obviously the hardest hit among all modes, but there are still problems with recording wins and losses in "Play Now Online", and there are also problems with instances of missing features in MyTeam.

    Unfortunately, 2K fans affected by these persistent errors may have to wait until next month to see another patch to fix the damaged content. why? Since we have reached the end of the year, there is little chance of handling any game patch on Sony or Xbox. Third-party publishers must send these updates through Sony and Microsoft, and they will no longer be able to process patches for the rest of 2020.

    You can enjoy some elements of MyNBA, but, at this time, if you want to reshape the league and use a custom roster and custom team design, you are lucky. Fans can make their custom content though Buy 2K21 MT More abundant. That was and has been the main selling point for fans of the franchise model. 2K is working hard to solve more problems, but so far, the game has not been completed, which is a difficult task for entering the new year.