Next-gen Madden is a sign you should wait on PS5 and Xbox Serie

  • The promise of a new generation of consoles, they will explode our eyes with visual magic, show fast-loading games, and redefine our concept of entertainment or the like. Its quiet speed left a deep impression on me. Some players may need to Buy Madden 21 Coins to experience the visual experience brought by advanced players.

    The Madden 21, which arrived earlier this year, seems to have not been updated at all. However, EA promised to overhaul the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which have new graphics and physics, as well as NFL statistics, which should fly on the screen like actual broadcast games. So far, the next-generation update of Madden 21 has not been so exciting. To be fair, the new physics of the game may lead to some outdated improvements that improve the way real players move and behave.

    Although Madden 21’s game play layout has changed in the next-generation mode, and has an easily accessible form based on play type or featured players, I don’t understand why Xbox One and PS4 players can’t do this.

    The Next Gen Stats engine used in real NFL games is the first to appear in the engine. The engine is used to edit information such as player speed and the time it takes for the quarterback to release the football, and is almost invisible. If you stay long enough to see these statistics, they will pop up during the replay.

    The physical condition of the player is the "latest" thing, but I found that the player has been doing some weird things. The Jets' 37-year-old Frank Gore ran back, somehow unstoppable after 25 men resisted almost any defense. If the final result exceeds two, the interception will pile up like snow. Sometimes the player's momentum seems unstoppable, sometimes it's unusually slow.

    One thing that hasn't changed in Madden: It will not guide you through the game in more detail, analyze your mistakes and help you learn. If Madden is like a chess program that can help you learn strategy, then it can be upgraded to a fascinating sports tool. In addition, players can purchase MUT 21 Coins to enhance the game's strength.