Madden 21 Ratings: Week 14 Roster Update predictions

  • There are only one week left before the NFL playoffs. There are only three games left in the regular season. Every second of the game is very important. EA likes to update Madden roster based on performance trends. In the next roster update, who will be promoted or demoted? Players buying MUT Coins is the most effective way to help them get high score players.

    Since Madden was founded, Jalen Hurts (68 to 70) injury score has not changed. Facing one of the best defenses in the NFL and then leading the team to victory is really impressive. 1 TD's damage was 167 yards, but he also rushed 18 times for 106 yards. Basically held two positions, giving New Orleans a threat they were not prepared for.

    Carson Wentz (74 to 73). The NFL is a zero-sum game. When someone wins, someone loses. The injury is Wentz's loss. Unless injured, we are unlikely to see him fit for the Hawks this season. Wentz dropped two points last week and is expected to drop a little more this week. Chase, the second overall pick, showed that after only 13 games in the NFL, he should be considered a top talent. He is full of 49 people. His pressure helped the football team win the game and gained a foothold in NFC East. He has a few tackles and a sack, but the highlight is the return of TD's 41-yard Fumble.

    Matt Ryan (85 to 84). For Matt Ryan, this has been a difficult season. In some moments, he made the team back down, and in other moments, he lost the game. In the fierce game with the Chargers this week, it was the latter. Fan thinks Ryan is not the problem-but he may not be the answer either. Three interceptions in a week means that he is likely to see his past avoidance ratings drop. We talk about Henry every week, and he was demoted last week because he had less than 100 yards a week. But this week he returned 215 yards and two TDs with 26 yards. That's 8.3 yards per goal, which is crazy when everyone knows you are going to take the ball. This is double what is considered a good average.

    Jonathan Taylor (76 to 79). In HB's outstanding week of performance, Jonathan Taylor's performance is exciting. The powerful HB dampened the raiders' defenders on their way to 150 yards and two TDs. The Colts were held in the backcourt, but the rookie showed senior ability, and his level needs to reflect this. If you need to Buy Madden 21 Coins, please visit the famous GameMS.