Path of Exile: How to complete the test of the Eternal Labyrint

  • In Path of Exile, you must complete six special tests of the "Eternal Labyrinth", which is a randomly generated dungeon for advanced players. This is the preparation method. Before the test, players can POE Currency Buy to enhance the game's strength.

    This is the eternal maze: the highest maze version requires 60 levels, and you can randomly find six different tests on the map in the atlas. As a reward for the exam, you will also receive a "gift for the goddess". It costs a dedication to enter the eternal labyrinth.

    Features of Eternal Labyrinth: In the process of experiencing the story, you should have completed the first three labyrinth tests. Unlike the initial test, the version of the Eternal Labyrinth is harder to find and more deadly. Once you start exploring the atlas and running the map, you have a chance to find one of the six tests on the map. However, in the end it will be which of the six is ​​completely random.

    That's annoying: it may mean you have to take a long time to finally unlock them all. Therefore, you must not only take the exam first, but also an unfinished exam. You can also use some tricks to make the search easier: Use the "Dream Judgment" prophecy to increase the chances of finding trials on the map; you can obtain them through NPC Navali or trading with other players; you can ask about special trials there Information, or whisper directly to the person who provided the map on their map. If you want to be one of the good people, please give your assistant some pocket money; sometimes NPC Zana provides you with mission goals to complete the map check.

    In the candidate's forecourt in front of the entrance to the maze, and in front of the test in the map, you will find an overview of the completed test. In addition to the main traps in the exam, there are also some pylons whose radius has different effects on players. If players can buy Path of Exile Currency, they will build more powerful weapons, and then by causing enough damage to them, they can be disabled in a short time. Protective traps only appear in the trials of the Eternal Labyrinth and in the Eternal Labyrinth itself.