Madden 21 TOTW 12 REVEALED: MUT Team of the Week

  • There are many players who can defend the players on the roster this week. For various reasons, the 12th week of this NFL season is worth remembering. Another Sunday means that another TOTW is coming to the ultimate team of Madden 21. Who will win the big name this time? If you want to get strong players, maybe you can Buy Madden 21 Coins to increase your income.

    As usual, the TOTW card should be officially announced in "Good Morning Madness" on Tuesday. The packaging, solo challenge and set will be available later today. Make sure to take the solo challenge to get the team of the year token! Janoris Jenkins is getting a 93 OVR LTD card, which is a bit like a beast. Jenkins' card has 93 acceleration, 91 speed and 93 agility. His 93 coverage and 91 area coverage are also great, so it is suitable for any plan.

    For defensive players, two TDs are a very important day, and Jeremy Chinn was rewarded by this big name that week. His 92 OVR card brings a wealth of game abilities to the SS position. Chinn has 94 acceleration, 92 speed and 92 catch-up. He also has 85 people and a huge 93 hit ability in the 83 area and excellent cover-up skills. Antonio Gibson was the one we chose this time period, but the Madden team did not ignore him.

    This year, TOTW Heros was used to attract more players to join the game. Saw Greg Jennings and Antrel Rolle coming in last week. So who is this time? When the cowboy legend DeMarcus Ware got the 92 OVR hero card, MUT got a big name. Weir has 89 block bunks, 89 power moves, 89 fine moves and 91 power, making him an elite passer for 3-4 defense. He ran for Willis McGahee with Bill.

    Mccarthy has 91 speed, 91 acceleration, 92 tackles and huge 92 truck transport capacity. Other TOTW 12 players. When we chose Kendall Hinton, Tyreek Hill and Deshaun Watson to use the TOTW card, EA adopted a different The way. But not exactly. This is the rest of the players, some will also get delicious Power Up upgrades. If you haven't got the ideal player card, don't worry, you can buy MUT Coins at GameMS and then return to the game to buy the ideal player.


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