RuneScape - If you're in the market for a weapon

  • How much is proselyt? I'm not able to afford buying OSRS gold armour that degrades, so I'd like to find out if it will declines too. And tyvvm for posting. The price is very low and it's not degradeable The only benefit is that it offers the best prayer bonus but bad defence I wouldn't recommend. In training, def doesn't mean crap. Str and prayer are more important than def, and vice versa. Prosy Over Guthans Plate.

    Prayers that I use continuously (just an occasional protection prayer) can wipe my pray to 0 in one minute or two. I flash my protection prayers (on the day before opp atks and off after) And with two prayer pots it is possible to last well past the time it takes for me to achieve full inv. It can be as long as.

    Bad thing is, because of lag, it isn't perfect from time time, and i get hit. If i'm not blessed with good def, the mere seconds of lag wud mean the loss of my entire bank account lol. Therefore, if i switch to a continuous prayer to the time I get about 2-3 kills. (blue drags) and with the help of pros I could get a few extra seconds, and i wouldn't be able to continue praying in a pot because it's costly too... But ty anyways.

    I would highly recommend the Fremminik Quests. They're fun to play as well as bringing you an Neitiznot Helmet that is considered to be one of the top helmets you can find in game. Also, since you've got a budget of 1mil I'd suggest playing Barbarian Assault. You can obtain it with the Fighter Torso. It doesn't cost any money, it gives great Strength bonuses and looks alright.

    If you're in the market for a weapon, recommend either a whip or Dragon Scimitar. Monkey Madness is needed for the Dragon Scimmy and it does take some time, but it's definitely worth it to improve your for strength. Whip on the other hand is excellent for buy rs3 gold attack as well as defence.