Importance of Oil Dipstick

  • The oil dipstick is a common control gauge used to check the stock of lubricating oil holes. Since the insertion hole of the oil dipstick has a turning path, it is required that the deformation of the oil dipstick when it is inserted can rebound and recover when it is pulled out.

    The function of the oil dipstick is not only to check the level of the oil level of the engine lubricating oil. Experienced drivers or repair personnel can find out the working dynamics of many engines by checking the oil dipstick, so as to maintain the engine and find out the causes of faults and accidents in time. To avoid further deterioration of failures, etc., it can respond quickly and obtain correct judgments, providing a reliable basis. It can be said that the quality of the oil dipstick plays a vital role in prolonging the service life of the engine.

    The function of the oil dipstick is to measure the height of the static liquid level of the oil, thus reflecting whether the engine oil stock is within a reasonable range.

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