Grow Your Garden with Amazing Purple Punch Auto Seeds

  • Do you dream of growing the most vibrant and flavorful buds ever? Look no further! Purple Punch Auto seeds are here to turn your dreams into a reality. With an intense aroma, eye-catching color, and superior potency, these bulk auto-flowering strains will take your cannabis garden to the next level. Get ready for the ultimate punch of flavor with Purple Punch Auto Seeds!

    Purple Punch Auto Seeds are the latest addition to the already diverse collection of cannabis seed varieties offered by Humboldt Seed Company. These feminized autoflowering seeds produce beautiful, high-yielding purple buds with a pungent aroma and sweet fruity taste. Purple Punch Auto is a cross between two strains - Granddaddy Purps and Larry OG – creating an indica-dominant hybrid that is perfect for those looking for heavy relaxation with enjoyable flavors. Alongside its potent effects and flavorful profile, this strain grows vigorously both indoors and outdoors thanks to its short flowering time of only 8-9 weeks from germination. Purple Punch Auto Seeds offer growers an exciting new option that combines ease of growth with desirable genetics, making it an ideal choice!