• HRC Updates The New Honda CBR250RR Race Version 2023 To Become The Fastest 250 Cc Sports Bike At The Moment.

    New update announcement by HRC, Honda's motor sport division, has recently launched a new product in the form of a race bike with the CBR250RR Rce Version 2023, which raises the bar for a full-fledged sports bike. Bearing to become a racing car in the most perfect field.

    HRC developed the Honda CBR250RR Race Version from the standard CBR250RR with improved equipment. and cut out the parts that are not needed on the race track For example, the front lighting unit. turn signal passenger seat set or even an unnecessary HSTC system on the track and turned to develop a power transmission system that has superior performance than the general sales model

    Mainly, the car will be developed in two main parts, the ECU box that can access the mapping of the engine in detail. This will make the tuning of the car suitable for the style of the field used. The car also has improvements in the new exhaust system. without the catalyst part to reduce emissions Therefore able to fully release the maximum power of the 2-cylinder engine.

    As standard equipment on the car, there is also a set of two-way quickshifter already installed. The car also has a new wiring system throughout the car for easy modification. If you observe the neck of the car will find that the keyhole will disappear Which access to the car will be done by pressing a button. But starting will require a special device to start directly from the crankshaft. This will help to reduce the overall weight of the car as well.

    HRC has not released much insight. But has stated that the 2023 model CBR250RR Race Cersion will be the highest performance vehicle. as ever produced And also guarantees that the car will be the best racing specification motorcycle on the market right now and is also the fastest car in the 250 cc class.

    New Suzuki Hayabusa 2023 officially launched in Thailand!

    New Suzuki Hayabusa 2023 has been launched, a Sport Touring-style motorcycle designed according to aerodynamics. Remaining unique to the peregrine falcon, it is the fastest bird in the world. Which can do a speed from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.2 seconds, also confident with intelligent electronic safety systems The processor works with Suzuki's IMU box, the definition of "The Ultimate Sport Bike".

    Metallic Thunder Gray / Candy Daring Red

    Pearl Vigor Blue / Pearl Brilliant White

    With the Hayabusa's legendary 1,339.8 cc in-line 4-cylinder engine, it can increase performance. and durability in balance It also complies with Euro 5 standards.

    The New Suzuki Hayabusa 2023 combines die-casting and forging technologies found in supercars to deliver a smooth and strong look. LED projector headlamps, low beam and high beam. Large, eye-catching Vertically Stacked Giving clear light, the LED Combination taillights make the Suzuki New Hayabusa clearly visible day and night.

    The New Suzuki Hayabusa uses the latest Brembo Stylema® calipers, lighter, more compact. and elaborately crafted It comes with a large 320 mm brake disc and new cooling holes used to help increase cooling efficiency even further.

    Meet the new Suzuki Hayabusa 2023, the real car before anyone else at the Thailand International Motor Expo 2022 on December 7, 2022 at the Suzuki booth, code G09 for those who are interested. Can be contacted at Suzuki dealers nationwide or contact Suzuki Moto Sales Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. via

    Launch of WMOTO XDV250 2023, a new big scooter official