Memory Foam Products

  •   You might recognize memory foam from those famous '90s commercials that showed actors jumping on memory foam mattresses next to unspilled wine glasses.

      Memory foam is a synthetic material called viscoelastic foam. It differs from other foams because it has greater resistance, making it an ideal material for mattresses.

      It's soft and durable, with heat-wicking properties to support aching joints. This makes it popular with sleepers of all sizes and sleep styles. Memory foam also comes in different firmnesses, so you can find a mattress that suits your sleeping habits.

      When you sleep in bed, forces act on your body, such as the downward pull of gravity and the upward pressure from the mattress. Using a traditional innerspring mattress creates painful pressure points on your body and where the mattress meets your hips, shoulders, and heels. Because sleeping on a regular spring mattress, the pressure on the body is concentrated in specific areas, and other key areas of the body lack support, resulting in body aches, low back pain, and even muscle tension. Memory foam is temperature-sensitive, which helps relieve pain because the painful area is slightly warmer than the rest of the body. These tiny differences soften the foam, making it gentler on those sore areas. Its pressure point relief helps you sleep better. However, traditional memory foam mattresses absorb and retain heat from body temperature, which can be useful in winter. To ensure you continue to sleep well even in warmer weather, look for a memory foam mattress with cooling features and good airflow.

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