Did You Choose The Right Faucet Style?

  • During the development of faucets, these styles have always been people's favorite objects. Let's take a look at these three different styles of wash basin taps.

    Ruggedness is synonymous with rustic bathroom design. The rustic style focuses on creating a relaxing atmosphere, emphasizing the use of earthy materials such as wood and stone and natural elements such as potted plants.

    Unlike modern and Scandinavian bathroom styles, rustic interiors feature muted colors including reds, blues, greens, yellows, and grays. It also celebrates imperfect lines and silhouettes and uses warm tones for fixtures and accents.

    Stainless steel faucets in polished brass or gold finishes are perfect if you want to bring a rustic vibe to your bathroom.

    Scandinavian-style bathrooms are gaining popularity for their calming and spa-like vibes. Like contemporary bathrooms, Scandinavians emphasize clean lines and simple aesthetics.

    Natural light is essential in the Scandinavian style; large windows and mirrors can make a space appear brighter. Use neutral paint colors (i.e. light gray, white, beige, etc.) and light wood floors, trim, and furniture to complete the natural feel of a Scandinavian bathroom.

    Simplicity is key when choosing a faucet for this bathroom style. This stainless steel vessel bathroom faucet is a great choice because it exemplifies the minimalist aesthetic, not to mention it also offers

    Transitional bathrooms are a fusion of two styles—traditional and contemporary. It creates a warm, cozy look that's neither too old nor too trendy. In short, it creates a balance between classic and new design elements.

    Transitional styling makes strategic use of materials from both design eras. It allows homeowners to enjoy mixing sinks, cabinets, tiles, and furniture. Here's how to achieve a transitional look:

    Easy access to bathroom amenities (i.e. bathtub, sink, etc.)

    Choose a light, relaxing paint color (i.e. white, gray, beige, silver, etc.)

    Install ceramic, porcelain, marble, or stone tile floors

    Sinks should be quartz, quartzite, granite, or marble

    Invest in Bathroom Storage Solutions

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