What To Choose For Your Furniture Fabric

  • Durability is an important factor to consider if your upholstered furniture is designed for everyday use. If you have children who like to jump on the furniture (even if you repeatedly tell them not to), or if you have a dog or cat who likes to curl up on the sofa and take a nap, look for sofa upholstery fabrics that are routinely treated, such as stain-resistant resistance, water resistance or UV resistance.

    Durability is also determined by the manufacturer's double rub test, in which a back-and-forth motion simulates the wear and tear of everyday furniture use. The more friction, the more durable the product.

    The durability of faux suede makes spills and pet hair a breeze. Distressed leather is also a good option if scuffs and scratches are your concern. If you have a busy and energetic household, try to avoid delicate materials like silk, which can stretch and are less forgiving when it comes to fixing stains.

    Upholstery fabrics are usually not suitable for conventional machine washing or dry cleaning once applied to furniture, so it's a good idea to look for stain-resistant fabrics for heavily used furniture. If cleaning is required, dry cleaning is recommended for any fabric prior to upholstery. Once your fabric is set, use a stain remover and spray your furniture with fabric protector spray.

    Color is an important choice in the overall design of furniture and interior spaces. It depends on the type of furniture you want to display. Darker neutral shades are popular because they go with any decor without going out of style, and they do a great job of hiding dirt, cracks, and scuff marks.

    If you want to create an airy and welcoming atmosphere in your living space, consider lighter, cooler shades of solid colors. If you really want to be bold and unique, patterned fabrics in bright colors are sure to make a statement in your home.

    Don't forget about the shape of the furniture. This will affect the layout of your home and how your space transitions from one room to another. Solid-colored fabrics work best if you are upholstering furniture that has some curvature, such as a chaise longue or chaise longue. Patterns or textures with a clear direction don't always go well with upholstery—they might look great on strips, but the ornate shapes don't always translate once glued to the furniture.

    Size is another important factor. Larger pieces of furniture like sofas stand out best in rich solid colors or classic neutrals so you don't tire of the furniture over time. It's easier to liven things up with smaller items, like a feature chair with bold shapes and patterns.

    Finally, think about the furnishings around the room. Whether they're old pieces, new pieces, or something else you plan to decorate, you want to make sure the colors, textures, and patterns match well and look cohesive.

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