7 Fashion Apps To Help You Curate A Sustainable Wardrobe

  • There’s an app for practically everything these days, and the fashion industry is no exception. Check out these seven fashion apps to help you curate a sustainable wardrobe that’s trendy and high-quality, but also affordable and versatile. These are especially useful if you’re trying to be more conscious about what you buy and have more control over your purchases than you would at the mall or online, where it can be hard to know if something was produced ethically or sustainably.


    1)  Depop

    Depop is a buy-and-sell app that features an extensive range of items for sale. From the latest fashions to vintage finds, there’s something for everyone on Depop. However, one of the best features is being able to message sellers in order to find out more about their product. If you’re not sure about purchasing something because it doesn’t look exactly as pictured, or if there are any flaws in the ios app development company in india piece, this is a great way to reach out and ask questions before making a purchase.


    2) Stylebook

    Stylebook is a fashion app that can help you learn how to curate a sustainable wardrobe. It will give you an overview of your existing closet and offer style insights. You'll get to know what colors look best on your skin tone, what types of clothes suit your body type, and which outfits are missing from your wardrobe. With Stylebook's fashion collection planning feature, you can choose any piece of clothing in the app to find out where else it's sold so that you're not buying something just because it's on sale or because it was the only option available. 

    Instead of scrolling through endless pages of clothes on websites or having to go store-to-store, Stylebook lets you do all of this in one place!


    3) Rent the Runway

    Rent the Runway, for example, is a subscription service that lets you rent high-end designer clothes, shoes and accessories. For a monthly fee, the company sends you three items of clothing selected to match your style preferences. The company offers to buy back the items at the end of the rental period for an additional fee or to donate them to charity if you're not interested in keeping them. The app also includes a social media community where like-minded people can share images of their outfits and get advice from experts on how to wear different pieces.


    4) Save Your Wardrobe

    Save Your Wardrobe is an app that helps you organize your wardrobe so that you can see what clothes you have and then shop more sustainably. It's like a visual shopping list of what you already own and what you still need to buy.

    Save Your Wardrobe is super helpful because it keeps me from buying something just because it's on sale, which means I can buy something if I really want it without feeling guilty about spending money on clothes.

    You can also send a photo of an outfit to the app and they will tell you which pieces of clothing they think work best with the outfit. They will even recommend similar items from your closet!


    5) Le Tote

    Le Tote is a clothing subscription service. Users fill out their style profile, which determines the items they are sent. Items are selected based on season, user preference and popularity. The customer pays a flat rate of $59 for 3 months, plus free shipping and returns within the US. For an additional $39 per month, subscribers can purchase as many pieces as they want each month w ith free shipping and returns within the US.


    6) Grailed

    Grailed is an app where users can buy and sell high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you want to get rid of your old clothes and start fresh, this is a great place to list them. It’s also a good option if you are in the market for some new items because there are thousands of listings every day. The interface is really clean, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. One cool feature is that when a user purchases something from someone else on the app, they have 48 hours before the transaction can be canceled or disputed - giving both buyer and seller peace of mind!


    7) 30 Wears

    30 Wears is a service that will provide you with suggestions on what to wear in your closet. All you need to do is upload a photo of the items and the app will send you iphone app development company in india up to six daily outfits that suit your style. They'll also let you know when it's time for an upgrade. The app suggests pieces from brands such as Madewell, Everlane, and Rebecca Minkoff.



    Fashion apps are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, while also curating your wardrobe with sustainable pieces. As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from and they all offer something different in terms of features. The most important thing is that you find one that fits your lifestyle and needs and get help from app development company!