Some Materials Used For Umbrellas

  • Each part of the compact travel umbrella has its own name. There is the handle of the umbrella, the shaft or stem of the straight section of the umbrella, and the thing that connects the handle and rib of the umbrella together. The ribs are openable and closed structures on which the panels of the umbrella are sewn.

    The panels of the umbrella are available in a variety of colors, printed inside and out, and finished with ribbed tape along the straight edges. The umbrella slider is the part that moves up and down the pole or shaft to open and close the umbrella. For automatic umbrellas, this action is complemented by a strong spring, released at the touch of a button. The stretcher is the part that opens the ribs.

    The stick in the center of the umbrella is called the pole or shaft. This is where the runner opens and closes the umbrella up and down.

    Depending on the model, it is made of various materials.

    Metal - Coated Aluminum. Usually available in black but can be matched to Pantone.

    Wood - We use a standard medium oak shade of wood but can offer a range of bespoke painted wood colors to choose from.

    Fiberglass – Fiberglass is used in larger sports umbrellas because it is lightweight, allows for bending, and is very strong. This is normally available in black, but we offer 10 colors in stock, or Pantone to match larger order quantities.

    It is possible to repair a beloved umbrella. If they are damaged by spills that affect water resistance, they can be protected by spraying them with scotch protectant. If the ribs are damaged, they can be repaired with tape to ensure they continue to open and close.

    If the panels of the umbrella are torn, they can be taped together with iron-on hem tape to seal them. If the tear is bad then the tear can be hand stitched and then the hem tape should be ironed and then sprayed with a waterproofing spray to seal.

    Shaoxing Chensheng Umbrella Co., Ltd. is an umbrella manufacturer from China, the company mainly produces straight umbrella, straight pole umbrellas, golf umbrellas, children's umbrellas, etc.