Analysis of Common Problems of CNC Lathe machine

  • CNC Lathe machine is mainly used for processing various shaft parts and complex thread workpieces, and is one of the widely used CNC machine tools. With the growth of machine use time, the lathe machine will also have some problems. Next, we will simply analyze the common problems of CNC lathe machine.

    First of all, the most common problem is the mechanical transmission failure due to improper installation, debugging and operation of components. At this time, we should check according to the rules of the machine manual to see if there is any improper operation, and make timely adjustment. Secondly, the CNC Lathe machine driver will give an alarm. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. First, the screw rod is too tight, which causes the machine to be stuck, causing the motor to have too much load and heat, which causes the driver to give an alarm. At this time, you can adjust the tightness of the screw rod or check whether the cutting amount is too large, and whether the feed is too fast;Second, in case of water and oil ingress into the plug and socket of the motor, as well as interface burning caused by dampness, we should timely replace the plug with water ingress, and take waterproof and moisture-proof measures. Third, the driver and motor are not matched, and the corresponding model should be matched. For example, the servo drive must be equipped with a servo motor. In addition, if the parts of the CNC lathe machine are damaged and the machine has been used for too long, we need to replace the damaged parts in a timely manner and check the faulty circuit for repair.

    As the service life of CNC Lathe machine increases, the problems will also increase. At this time, we need to regularly check and maintain the machine, replace the damaged parts in time, and carry out daily maintenance and overhaul.