Benefits of Sports, Exciting and Healthy Dance for the Body and

  • A video showing a couple of uniformed students dancing enlivens the virtual universe. I had received profanity, they both turned out to be dance sports athletes who had won provincial championships, you know!

    The sporty dance moves shown are very flexible and energetic. Behind the enthusiasm of netizens for this sport, in fact, there are health benefits of sports dance that you can get. Also, if it is practiced regularly. Interested in trying it out?

    The benefits of dance sports
    As the name suggests, dance sports is a kind of sport that shows dance. Not just bodily movements, this sport, formerly called ballroom dancing, combines physical strength, agility, coordination, teamwork, grace and flair combined with music. Hmm, looks complicated, huh?

    Interestingly, this sport has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee and is included in one of the world's Olympic branches. Apart from physical health, these are the benefits of sports dance for you. 

    1. Improve heart and lung health
    In general, dancing is an aerobic activity. That is, this movement triggers the action of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the body as much as possible. With the movements made when dancing or dancing, the heart will become stronger in pumping blood so that the lungs can work more efficiently. 

    Therefore, the body becomes more fit and does not get tired easily. In addition, you are no longer short of breath when climbing stairs and you do not catch a cold easily , reports the Dance Sport Club .

    2. Increase muscle tone and stamina
    Dancing involves using your muscles, similar to walking on two legs. The difference is that the sport of dance does not only involve the muscles of the legs. You need to rely on strong core muscles for balance and arm muscles to perform a beautiful dance. Even if you are "only" doing simple dance steps, you are already using a lot of the muscles in your body while you dance.

    When done regularly, it will increase the movement of the muscles of the body as a whole. Even so, it does not mean that the body becomes big like a bodybuilder, in fact, the muscles become flexible and strong. This then makes the body look fitter.

    3. Weight control
    The movement in the sport of dance has the effect of burning calories in the body. That is, this will be very influential in losing and maintaining weight. According to the Dance Sport Club, most active dancers who stop dancing complain of weight gain.

    Once you're back to dancing, calorie burn works more optimally to maximize weight management. Therefore, it can be said that this danceable sport is suitable as a physical activity to balance the diet. 

    4. Have stronger bones
    As explained above, dancing and dancing can build more flexible and stronger muscles. All the toned muscles in the body will better support the spine, hips, and knees.

    Flexible, flexible dance moves will take unnecessary stress off your joints. As a result, the potential for bone injury may be slightly reduced. It can also reduce the risk of back and joint pain.

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    5. Train body coordination
    When doing dance sports, you have to move in a coordinated way. Using legs, feet, arms, hands, even heads that follow the rhythm of the song. This activity clearly requires a flexible body. It may seem difficult at first, but that's what makes dance sports such a fun activity.

    During practice, you need to do it slowly to increase the flexibility of the body, which may not be as flexible as children. Although it is difficult, the results are guaranteed to be worth it. 

    6. Improves balance and spatial awareness
    Sports dance is a form of dance that can increase balance and awareness of the environment. You will know when to use the right foot or the left foot, you will understand how much force to apply to achieve a certain effect, etc. 

    Dancing also creates awareness of the environment around you. That is, you will get used to estimating a space to move. That way, your spatial analysis skills will increase. 

    7. Emotional balance
    Apart from the physical and cognitive benefits, you can also get the benefits of sports dance from a psychological perspective. The movements of this dance can improve emotional well-being at all ages, especially children and adolescents. Especially for those who have cognitive and emotional problems in managing conflict and violence, launches Dance Sported.

    Dancing can be a means to channel energy in a positive way. Aside from the relief, you'll also gain pride, confidence, and a competitive side that's still good among dancers.

    You may not get the benefits of the above dance sport if you do it once or twice. For that, it is necessary to do it repeatedly to achieve a positive impact on physical and mental health.