Should you choose the mechanical one or the most convenient Wif

  • Should I use Dien Quang's mechanical timer power socket, Rang Dong's Wifi connection type or both to be sure?

    The easiest way to make your home's electrical system and appliances smarter is to use a timer-type electrical outlet, or even better, control it via Wifi like the two models below, nothing new, but it's not. everyone knows.
    Dien Quang's socket is a mechanical timer, must rotate the timer ring and press on the small notches to select the time frame to turn on and off the device. Rang Dong's socket is better, has Wifi connection and control application on the phone.

    Electro Optical Socket
    This model is cheaper, only about 150,000 VND, the design is very cumbersome because it must have a timer rotation. At first glance, no one knows how to use it, and when reading the instructions, it takes a while to understand.

    First we have to rotate the arrow inside clockwise to match the current time. For example, if the time is 10:30 am, you have to rotate it to between 10 and 11, and if it is 9 pm, turn it to 21. Next, you have to turn the small notches down in the time frames to turn on the device. Each notch corresponds to 15 minutes and can be scheduled in the entire time frame from 0h to 24h daily.

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    The last step is to turn the red button on the side of the plug to the clock shape to activate the timer mode. If you switch to the letter I, this is just a normal plug adapter, without a timer.

    The advantage of this type is that it will work when plugged in, easy to use, no need to use a smartphone and can quickly change the time frame to make an appointment just by flipping the notch.

    However, the downside is that every time the power goes out, the internal timer will be deviated, no longer turning on and off standard according to the previous setting. In addition, it also only has an appointment for as low as 15 minutes, so it is suitable for use with electric lights, heaters, heaters, charging small appliances, etc., but not for needs such as turning on and off the watering machine because may be over-watered.

    Rang Dong Socket
    This type has a neater and more beautiful design, with only 1 more button and a status indicator light. How to connect to Wifi is similar to other smart devices, need to install additional applications on the phone. The plus point is that Rang Dong's application is very simple, easy to use, not confusing, the connection process takes a few minutes. However, it should be noted that the Wifi network needs to be 2.4Ghz because the 5Ghz network cannot connect.

    All socket features must be adjusted in the application. However, because of the application, there are many more features compared to the mechanical timer. For example, you can schedule multiple on-off times a day, choose an active day of the week, and a countdown timer. Every time the outlet turns on or off or there is a problem, the phone also shows you a notification.

    The minus point of this type is that if there is a problem with Wifi, the power outlet may not be able to control or not work as installed. In return, when the power goes out, you don't have to worry about the time difference like the mechanical type, but it will automatically update the time when connected to the Wifi network. Particularly, the timer off feature will be very suitable for anyone who often plugs in the phone to charge it overnight, avoiding battery bottles, effectively swelling the battery.

    Which type should I choose?
    Dien Quang's mechanical timer socket does not seem to be as useful, but it is actually suitable for use in the garden, on the terrace, locations where Wifi does not cover. Because there is no need for a control application, the installation operations can be done more easily, anyone can change the on and off appointment time.

    Meanwhile, the Rang Dong timer socket is suitable for more types of devices, more detailed timers, minute-by-minute scheduling and convenient day of the week selection. The price is also only a few tens of thousands of dong higher, which is worth considering.