Versatile Style For Tablecloths

  •     The tablecloth has a very good decorative effect. A good-looking tablecloth will add a lot of color to the room. At the same time, the tablecloth also has the advantages of being dust-proof and easy to clean. However, if furniture such as dining tables and TV cabinets are already beautiful and have a sense of design, decorating tablecloths is a bit superfluous. Tablecloths are suitable for glass dining tables and old furniture with relatively monotonous decorative designs. If you want to change the soft decoration style of part of your home, you can also try decorative tablecloths.

        Room style: The tablecloth style and the overall decoration style of the room should be coordinated and not abrupt.

        Tableware style: The tablecloth style should be coordinated with the tableware style. Most of the tableware is simply white and more versatile, and tableware with rich colors and patterns is more suitable for simple and solid color tablecloths.

        Tablecloth material: Pay attention to the choice of tablecloth material, different materials have different textures and functions. Some cloth tablecloths are described as waterproof and oil-proof, but they are actually only waterproof to a certain extent.

        Tablecloth size: Compare the tablecloth size indicated on the product details page with the measured table size, and keep the appropriate sagging size in the length and width directions (the length and width of the tablecloth should not be too different). Non-standard size tablecloths such as TV cabinets can be measured and reported to the merchant for cutting.

        Homemade tablecloths: If you don’t mind the hassle, you can also buy fabrics online and make your own tablecloths

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