Cost-effective Lcd Speedometer

  • Features:

    1. Complete functions: functions include (speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge), clear LCD screen, large viewing angle, soft vision, and relieve eye fatigue.
    2. Left and right turn signals: Displays the position of the vehicle turn signals. Usually in the off state, when the owner turns on the turn signal, the indicator light will light up in the corresponding direction.
    3. Gear position (N, 1-6 gear display function, no need to add a gear positioner)
    4. Oil Level Indicator: Shows the amount of oil stored in the vehicle. When the electric door is opened and the meter performs a self-check, the fuel gauge function will prompt you whether you need to refuel.
    5. High beam: Displays the status of the vehicle's high beam, which is usually off. When the owner turns on the high beam, the indicator light indicates that the vehicle's high beam is turned on.
    6. km/h to mph (metric display switch)

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