Characteristics of Wholesale Tarpaulin

  • After cleaning, the wholesale tarpaulin should be placed in a cool place to dry naturally. It should not be placed in the sun at high temperatures, mainly to avoid degumming and accelerate aging. When cleaning the wholesale tarpaulin, try to maintain a uniform strength, and do not brush hard, mainly to avoid direct contact between the brush and the wholesale tarpaulin, and the wholesale tarpaulin will be damaged and scratched with great force. When the wholesale tarpaulin is disconnected or short-circuited, you cannot delay the time. Try to send the wholesale tarpaulin to the maintenance point for overhaul, so as to avoid affecting the service life. You can extend the use of the wholesale tarpaulin through good maintenance work. life. The use of wholesale tarpaulins: wholesale tarpaulins have good coverage, are lightweight, have high strength, and have strong tensile force. When used in covering goods, they can block solids, have better effects, and are wear-resistant and durable. Wholesale tarpaulins can also be used. For temporary use and non-valuable items, it can save you money very well. It is light and has good waterproof performance, but it is not suitable for repeated use.

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