FIFA 23 Title Update 3 Patch Notes are Live!

  • FIFA 23's latest Title Update 3 was available on November 9, meaning the FIFA World Cup 2022 experience is now available. It's all about the exciting new World Cup mode.

    Check out the full official FIFA 23 Title Update 3 patch notes and read the rest of this guide below.
    So you can see exactly what has changed in this release.

    Here's a full list of all the changes and additions in the FIFA 23 Title Update #3 patch notes:

    The update makes some changes to General, Audio, and Visual. In addition, corrections have also been made to the Gameplay.

    The new content will be spread across several parts of the game, including FIFA World Cup Kickoff, FIFA World Cup Tournaments, Online Tournaments, FIFA World Cup: Live, and FUT 23.

    FIFA 23 Title Update 3 Patch Notes

    General, Audio, and Visual Updates

    Made the following changes:

    • Added the FIFA World Cup 2022 experience
    • Updated the Brazil national team squad to reflect the recent announcement of the World Cup selection
    • Updated some commentary lines and celebrations
    • In some cases, Training Center Focus Areas did not update to consider the selected Controller Settings preset.
    • Addressed multiple stability issues that could occur.

    There are two reasonably significant balance changes here, with both pressing defensive actions and the infamous corner glitches being nerfed. Hopefully, there should be a more accurate balance of aggressive defensive pressure, and from now on, you don't have to worry about conceding more unfair goals from corners.

    Download Size PS5: 3.87 GB
    Download Size Xbox Series XS: 5.35 GB
    Download Size PS4: 4.90 GB
    Download Size PC:? GB

    The patch will also be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms in the next few days.

    We'll keep you updated. For more info, check U4gm.

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