5 Advantages of Folomie rolling egg holder

  • Plastic containers are lightweight but tough. They also often have leak-proof lids. Practical features if you need a lunchbox for the home front, or to take to work or on picnics. Just remember that plastic is sensitive to heat. That's why you should never use plastic for cooking - just for thawing or warming up in the microwave. And always with the lid off or vent open.

    Our take on plastic

    Plastic is a key material for Flolomie , and remains so going forward. It is strong, durable, lightweight and versatile. It is a main component in a large amount of our products and has a wide variety of applications from surface materials such as paint and foil, to screws and shelf pegs. There is a lot of valid concern regarding how plastic impacts the environment and at Folomie we take this very seriously. As part of our larger circular journey and transition from virgin fossil based material, we are working hard to change all plastic in our home furnishing products to plastic made from recycled and/or renewable raw materials.

    The Benefits of Folomie rolling egg holder

    Food containers are exceptionally durable

    Under normal circumstances, plastics are durable, making them a global product. Depending on the product, some food containers are not subject to warping, cracking, and melting, making them suitable for your microwave.

    In addition, they can withstand harsh temperatures in your freezer without any damage to the container. However, when you want to buy a plastic food container, you should check the thickness and type as it will affect its durability.

    Brand building

    Printed information or codes on sealed containers also advertise user branch, especially in applications targeted at customers in the retail and service sector. The large surface of the printed container with the lid enables the clear presentation of both the company logo and contact details. Using plastic lid trays, your business looks professional compared to paper cartons or bags.

    Pollution prevention and sustainability

    The big advantage of plastic containers for distribution is their durability and impact resistance. Our products are made of polypropylene and they are resistant to the extreme temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 40 °C. Thanks to the lid attached to the tray, everything you store will be protected from external factors. Correctly fitted seals protect against attempts to manipulate the product. This is particularly important when intentional contamination can be a risk, especially for distribution in the pharmaceutical industry.


    Did you know that nesting empty plastic trays save up to 76% of space? Thanks to their trapezoidal construction, empty containers nest inside one another, which allows you to save on the return transport of empty packaging. When the lid is closed, the bin can be stacked, and when it is opened, nest into one another, which saves space during transport or storage.


    Good quality containers usually weigh less and don't feel heavy.

    So far, we have discussed the many advantages of food storage containers with snap lids  , but we are first convinced that you can dispose of expensive disposable packaging. In the longer term, Folomie plastic containers are a more convenient and cheaper option. Click folomie.com to know more information.