What are tarpaulins used for?

  • Tarpaulins are used in a variety of applications and industries. Used to protect other items such as machinery, pallets and building materials from rain, sunlight and other environmental conditions.

    Some products are used as hay tarps, wood tarps, boat tarps or truck tarps. Others are used as snow fences or tent canopies. They are also used in construction projects to cover bridges, buildings and water towers. For landscaping and
    lawn maintenance, tarps can be used to transport leaves or other yard waste around the yard.

    Polyethylene tarpaulins are lightweight, moisture resistant and relatively inexpensive. They consist of cross-braided threads of polyethylene, polypropylene or other polyolefin plastics. Products with more cross-braids per square inch
    provide greater strength and durability.

    Vinyl tarpaulins are made from polyester coated with vinyl, usually coated with flame retardant polyvinyl chloride. They are a more durable tarp than polyethylene and are used where more reliable protection is required. They tend to be
    waterproof, highly wear-resistant, and resistant to corrosion or contamination by oils, acids, grease, and mold.