Air Filter Regulator Is An Air Device For Rooms

  •  An air filter regulator is a device for directly supplying treated air to a closed room, space or area, referred to as an air conditioner for short.

       The working principle of the commonly used cold-air air conditioner is that the compressor inhales low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas, compresses it into high-pressure and high-temperature gas, and discharges it to the condenser and is cooled by the cold air exhausted by the axial flow fan so that the high-pressure and high-temperature gas in the condenser is condensed. It is converted into a liquid and then becomes a low-pressure low-temperature liquid through capillary throttling, which enters the evaporator and vaporizes, absorbing the heat of the indoor air sucked in by the operation of the centrifugal fan, and cools the indoor air. The cooled indoor air is sent back to the room through the air duct under the action of the centrifugal fan. When the air flows through the evaporator, since the surface temperature of the evaporator is lower than the dew point temperature of the indoor air, the water in the air condenses into water when the temperature drops sharply, drips into the chassis of the air conditioner and is led to the outdoors by the drain pipe.

        An air conditioner is a device that supplies treated air directly to a room or other confined area. It mainly includes refrigeration systems for refrigeration and dehumidification, air circulation and purification devices, heating and ventilation devices, etc. The main function of the air conditioner is to filter, cool, and dehumidify the air to automatically adjust the indoor temperature. According to different functions, air conditioners can be divided into single cooling types, heat pump types, and electric auxiliary heating types. They can adjust the frequency or speed of the compressor within a certain range to change the flow of refrigerant, and play the best role in the environment. A new type of air conditioner with the ability to automatically adjust the output to match the state

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