Habits That Will Positively Improve Your Life Forever

  •  A Stanford University study concluded that multitasking lowers efficiency and may impair your cognitive control. Instead of multitasking, choose one thing on your to-do list and give it your full and undivided attention until you are done. One of the immediate visible results is that you'll feel less stressed and restless decreasing the probability of making mistakes. This in return makes you become more productive. Single-tasking will make you realize you feel less stressed, make fewer mistakes, and become more productive. 4. Appreciate more. Are you grateful for what you already have? You may be riding a bicycle to work and not that BMW you have been dreaming about, but are you grateful that you have the means to get you to work? Legs to peddle, a job, despite the high rate of unemployment? If you feel bad about complaining about your current quality of life, remember, someone is having it worse than you, and they are equally grateful.

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    Consciously practising gratitude should be the motto. Tony Robbins said, “When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.” Practising gratitude is a great way to create positivity in your life. It will help reduce stress and improve your mental health. So, how can you cultivate this healthy habit? For a start, you could take ten minutes every day to focus on what you are grateful for—writing down at least three things daily, dwelling in their magnificence, and celebrating their gift. Your existence is a miracle in itself, what are the odds of you being born over 400 quadrillion options? 5. Go for a social media detox. The digital world comprises over 90% of our planet, and every time something new is trending on social media. Maybe you are catching up on a trip that someone went or someone just bought a new house, some of the information shared can either impact you positively or negatively. It doesn't matter how positive it is though, sometimes you can get so consumed in social media you lose touch with reality.


    Not forgetting how time-consuming it is! Research says the average person has five social media accounts and spends almost 2 hours every day checking their social media feed. This has also been linked to increased depression cases due to mental clutter. A social media detox seems to be the only reasonable remedy in such a situation to reduce stress levels. Just switch off your phone or any other device you may use to access social media for a few hours every day to improve your mood and reconnect with the world around you. 6. Exercise often. One should set aside at least 15 to 30 minutes within a day for exercises. I mean, countless benefits come with exercising. Other than the physical improvement, regular workouts regularly pump up creativity and enhance your cognitive skills. Exercise also helps decrease the risk of developing some serious health issues such as type 2 diabetes. Exercising doesn't have to be boring, nor does it have to involve lifting heavy equipment at the gym. It could involve fun activities that you do for fun such as dancing around the house, playing with your pet, or even taking a walk with a friend.


     Even for the greatest of fitness gurus, they can attest that starting was the hardest task. The first month of creating a new fitness habit may seem demanding but committing yourself will help in the long run. Your social behavior will improve, appetite will be normal, digestion will be seamless, better sleep, improved memory, the list of benefits goes on and on! If you are not currently in the habit of exercising, you can start gradually with minor achievable exercises. Imagine if you only did 10 jumping jacks before you shower every day? What happens if you did this for a year, where would you be? Here's a tip, exercising outside will not only bring you extra benefits for the body but also the mind and soul. 7. Invest in self-care.