(How do I spread Islam (calling to Islam an important task

  • How do I spread Islam (calling to Islam an important task)

    The call to Islam There is no doubt that the call to Islam is a great task that can only be performed by those of high determination and past resolve, and it is the best say and noblest work, as it is a guarantee of guidance for people, and taking them out of the darkness of polytheism and delusion into the light of guidance and unification, the
    Almighty said: (And from the best Saying who called to God and worked righteous and said that I am one of the Muslims) [Chapter: 33]

    The task of spreading Islam throughout the world was part of the mission of the Islamic Call, and that task was the concern of Muslims, as the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was keen on sending messengers and delegations to those whom the message of Islam did not reach, as well as through the Islamic conquests that were aimed at breaking the barrier Between Muslims and the call to and spread of Islam

    Methods for spreading Islam The individual call to Islam is the individual call to Islam through personal contact with those who are targeted by reporting. Whoever wants to spread Islam and finds in himself the ability to do this, there is nothing wrong in he initiating inviting others to Islam by meeting them in their homes or forums or Their assemblies, and informing them of the message of Islam and its advocacy of monotheism, virtues and morals

    Spreading Islam through pamphlets, pamphlets and brochures that include the definition of the religion of Islam contribute greatly to spreading Islam by introducing others to it, and there is no doubt that this method is one of the most useful, easiest and fastest means to reach those targeted

    The production of religious serials and films. The purposeful religious serials and films produced as a means of spreading Islam in the West, where such media material can be shown on television channels, reaching millions of viewers, and this is a great benefit to the call to Islam

    Using social media Social media have greatly rounded the distances between people, enabling advocates to create pages viewed by thousands or millions of people

    A good example in a Muslim's life, which is an example and a model in the good manners in his life and dealings, contributes to spreading Islam, and this method has proven its effectiveness, especially in the first centuries of Islam, where Muslim traders contributed to the entry of many non-Muslims to Islam when they saw the tolerance of religion and the morals of Muslims In dealing and trading, away from fraud and fraud. Islamic conquests The Islamic conquests in the past contributed greatly to the spread of Islam, and there is no doubt that this method is currently impossible due to the situation of the Islamic nation, and it is possible in cases of strength and empowerment, where Muslims have a fork and strength to terrorize their enemies
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