?What does it mean to believe in God

  • The pillars of faith The Islamic belief is considered one of
    the most important sciences at all, and one of the most important sciences that a Muslim must be aware of and its provisions, it is the first science that God Almighty taught him to his noble Messenger, and it is under which the rest of the sciences fall, and until the Muslim learns the science of the faith on him before that he learns The pillars of faith, which are six pillars, are: faith in God Almighty, faith in angels, faith in heavenly books, faith in the Apostles, faith in the Last Day, faith in the good and bad of it, and it is one of the heartfelt works, because its place is the heart, i.e. from the interior of man. [1]

    The concept of faith in God is one of the first pillars of faith, and it is faith in God Almighty, one of the greatest pillars, and the most basic of them. Surviving farmer and those who adhere to it, which is for losers who leave him, he says: ( There is no compulsion in the religion of majority has found canceled it disbelieves in idols and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy inextricable and Allah is Hearing , Knowing) [3],
    and faith in God - The Almighty - the place of the heart, and the effect of its realization appears through the words of the Muslim and the actions of his prey, and it is worth noting that the concept of belief in God - the Almighty - includes four concepts that a Muslim must believe in; until his belief in God is achieved, and these concepts are: [4]
    For a Muslim to believe in the existence of God Almighty: the instinct on which a person was born indicates that God exists, for every human being is born in the instinct of believing in God, and this instinct comes to man without effort, or precedent in education, but the mind that God Almighty gave to man indicates also to The existence of God Almighty, for all of these creatures on the face of the globe must have a creator, and they could not have been found by chance, but the sense indicates God's existence - Almighty - through two things; the first: that in the Holy Qur’an indicates what The Apostles' call to their Lord and their summonses to him, and the second: The miracles that God has supported High- By the prophets, it definitely indicates the existence of the one who sent it, which is God; since these miracles cannot be performed by human beings, but the law indicates the existence of God through the heavenly books that indicate this, through what came from the rulings and news. For a Muslim to believe in the Godhead:
    That a Muslim believes in the deity of God: It is the unification of worship, and it is intended that the Muslim exclusively distributes God - the Most High - with worship, and here worship is of all kinds to God, and not to anyone else. That a Muslim believes in the attributes of God - the Almighty - and his names: the names of God - the Almighty - also include his attributes. For example, the generous name of God has the attribute of generosity, and his name is the Merciful, from which the attribute of mercy is derived from, and the attributes of God - the Almighty - are not similar to the characteristics of anyone from creation. So, the Muslim should believe in these names and attributes that God has proven in his book, or that his Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, confirmed it to him.
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