How should beginners sprint in Heist Flashback Event

  • Path of Exile new players only need to read more relevant game guides, the faster they can adapt to the rhythm and play of the game. So it is not as difficult to learn as other RPG games. But in their initial development stage, they really need to use some POE Currency to help them sprout. Whether they go to Buy POE Currency or get POE Currency through some methods commonly used by old players, it is a necessary thing to do. Only after they are ready, the next game journey will be smoother.

    Many people have suspended their journey into exile after hearing that GGG delayed the release of the POE 3.13 extension. Some time ago, the game team said that they will release three epic activities this month to replace POE 3.13 expansion to provide new fun to players, which has attracted many adventurous people to join the game. Although the old players in the game generally play for a long time and accumulate more experience and wealth, as long as the novice players can stick to their development plans, one day they will become the dominant characters in the game.

    Both new players and old players need to create a new character after entering a new event or expansion. Many players mistakenly regard the current Heist Flashback Event as a supplement to the Heist League by the game team, but it is not what they thought. It caused some players to wonder why so many things they got in the Heist League did not exist after entering the event. This event will last for three weeks. Until the POE 3.13 expansion appears, the game team will award rewards to players who have achieved brilliant achievements in all three epic events.

    Attentive players have already visited the official POE forum to check the introduction of the last reward in the post before GGG added new activities to the game. That is the temptation that every player cannot refuse. So in order to get the ultimate honor and spoils, everyone should go all out. If novice players want to speed up the improvement of their own strength, they can do it through Buy POE Currency and POE Items. Work hard!