Path of Exile Endless Delve event ended today

  • As we all know, the long-awaited POE 3.13 expansion because of the collision of the release time and Cyberpunk 2077 release time, GGG has delayed its release until January next year. The terrible effect of this decision is that many loyal players said that they gave up Path of Exile and switched to other games or rest at home. Whether it is the benefits of the official mall or the agent website, or the players’ own fun, it has reduced. The massive drop in sales of POE Currency is enough to explain everything.

    In order to restore the injured hearts of players and increase the activity of the game, the game team has released two epic activities in the game as of today, namely Mayhem that has ended and Endless Delve that just ended this morning. At three o’clock Eastern Time this afternoon, the staff will add an epic event called Heist Flashback to the game. It will continue until the game team is about to release the POE 3.13 expansion, which is about three weeks.

    When many players see the name of the third epic event, they may have the wrong idea that the event is a return to the Heist League. In fact, it is not like this. Players need to recreate a new character as they did in the previous two activities to start the game. These three epic events have obvious things in common, the mod in the area where the players are located will change every hour. It also means that they need to face a very complex game environment and unknown risks.

    Players who are interested in playing the afternoon activities are best to Buy POE Currency first, especially novice players. Although there is no new league for these new players to entertain, it is not bad that they can enjoy such an exciting game experience just after joining the game. More and more people who gave up Path of Exile some time ago are now returning. If you want to become stronger, do it now!