Every patch of Path of Exile brings major optimizations

  • Players who may have enjoyed the fun of Path of Exile understand why it has maintained a healthy and sustainable development trend. This is an RPG game made by New Zealand game developer GGG. Every year, they add many patches and expansions to the game to enrich the game experience and optimize the stability of the game. And it is important that the new content that appears every once in a while is a sincere work, which also makes players trust the game team more and buy more POE Currency to take risks.

    Just like the epic activity currently underway, although the game team did not release the POE 3.13 expansion as expected, they immediately came up with a solution, that is, to add three epic activities and some patches to the game. It temporarily replaces players’ expectations for the new league. The players were unwilling to accept this fact at first, but at 3 pm on December 4th, after they entered the first epic activity for a while, they found that they really had an exceptional experience.

    A week ago, the game team also released the 1.68 patch for PS4, which allows PS4 users to enjoy the same treatment as PC users. On PS4 Path of Exile, the developers added support for epic activities and added the ability to use “LS + Square” to override the affinity settings when transferring items to storage. This will ignore the “Storage Association” and place the item in the current “Storage” tab opened by the players. Also, amulets dropped from the abyss of the ritual ground will now drop as rare items, with higher-level modifiers, and if in a monster level 68 or higher area, with frost.

    The stability of the game client on PS4 has also been improved, which allows players to more confidently pursue excitement and enjoyment without worrying about game crashes. Just this Friday, the three-week Heist Flashback Event will begin. Players who want to get a sense of freshness in this one can Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs in advance to save them for use in the event to help them go further.