Path of Exile presents the most fun Mayhem Event for players to

  • The developers of Path of Exile announced that the start of the new league will be postponed from December to January because of the new release date of Cyberpunk 2077, raising questions about whether there will be events in December. Just a few days ago, in order to save the game, GGG decided to release three epic events this month to provide players with new places to get fun. Today is the time for the first event called Mayhem Event. It also means that players will be able to get more POE Currency through more channels.

    As for the reason why the game team must release a new event, most players can probably guess it. Since the Heist League released by GGG in mid-September continues until now, it is about to enter the end of life. However, there is no new content to replace the Heist League, and many players are very dissatisfied with GGG’s announcement of postponing the POE 3.13 expansion release time, so many people have now given up playing Path of Exile. Therefore, in order to save the game’s decline, developers must release new content until they release the POE 3.13 extension.

    Earlier, in the official forum of Path of Exile, the game team’s work schedule for December and January of next year has appeared. Just today, the Mayhem Event will appear at 3 PM Eastern Time. Players can enter and experience the game world constructed by a variety of excellent mechanisms in previous leagues. It is worth noting that if there are players who want to slow down their work, it may not be good news, because it only lasts for a week and the Endless Delve Event will appear.

    Therefore, players who want to achieve outstanding achievements must play their own advantages as much as possible in such a short time to achieve the goals they want to achieve. If they need help, they can Buy POE Currency or sell their items to players who need them in exchange for some very useful weapons or equipment. Fight!