What's new in Madden 21 1.20 patch

  • EA recently added the latest patch codenamed 1.20 to Madden NFL 21. So what it includes in this update? Players who have checked the patch list undoubtedly know that this includes standard error fixes and stability improvements in all game modes, and this patch also updates the Superstar X-Factor based on the current player performance in the 2020 NFL season. Some players with new Superstar features are also about to appear in the game. It is almost the player most want to spend MUT 21 Coins to get.

    The specific patch content includes adjustments to the game interface or gameplay, as well as general bug fixes. EA also added four Superstar functions, three players with X factor and twelve Superstar players to the game. Players’ ability to customize the game interface has also improved. This series of improvements made countless Madden fans more loyal to the game. Players have to say that EA has done an outstanding job in this update.

    In the past, the speed of the ball on certain specific QB transfer animations was always not as fast as it should be. EA has repaired this BUG, and they have also improved how the inside defender crosses the route from the single receiver side to the high receiver defender. It reduced the response time of the midline defender that slowed down the coverage of the back to QB personnel. The obstacle positioning problem in the inner area of the wing Wing Flex Wk has also disappeared. QB will no longer use underpressure transmission when there is actually no pressure.

    In fact, it’s not just the Madden 21 1.20 patch that optimizes the experience of players. The news that EA will release a specific version of Madden 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X also provides an enormous surprise for players currently immersed in Madden 21. If players want to win in this version of Madden 21 on December 4, it is best to go to GameMS to Buy Madden 21 Coins now, which is very helpful.