Path of Exile still has a long way to go

  • For the current Path of Exile, they are indeed proud of their achievements. But compared to those old ARPG games such as the Diablo series, there is still a long way to go. Up to now, Path of Exile has accomplished achievements that they have completed adaptation and release work on PS4, Xbox1 and Mac, and have grown into a very famous large-scale ARPG game on Steam, which greatly expanded the number of players. The subsequent phenomenon is that players’ demand for POE Currency is increasing day by day.

    So what is the development history of Path of Exile over the years? When the New Zealand game company GGG released it seven years ago, at the time players regarded it as the successor to Diablo 2. It well received The game at the time and has since attracted millions of players and a strong fan base. They also launched it for PS4 and Xbox One, making it a multi-platform game. And the game team will release POE 2 next year, which makes players very anxiously waiting for new information about future versions of the game.

    POE 2 is neither a regular expansion nor a new version of the game once every three months. As early as the game team announced in December 2019 that they had started the development of POE 2, players had maintained considerable expectations for it. We originally expected it to complete the release of POE 2 Beta this year. However, because of the raging COVID-19, the game team had to ensure the normal launch of the expansion once every three months before it seems that they cannot release it before the end of this year.

    In mid-September this year, GGG released the POE 3.13 extension, and they also completed the adaptation of the POE version on the Mac. This move allows more Mac users to play Path of Exile more conveniently, as long as their hardware can support the normal operation of the game. Although the game team has not yet released its mobile version, they expect it in the future. Players who want to occupy a dominant position in these activities are best to Buy POE Currency now to enhance their comprehensive capabilities.