What will Path of Exile Heist Flashback Event look like

  • According to GGG’s post on the Path of Exile forum, we can conclude it they will release three different activities on December 4th, 11th and 18th for players to get new fun and excitement. They will also get more rare items and POE Currency and POE Items in a novel way. The upcoming news of these events dilutes players’ disappointment and regret about the delayed POE 3.13 expansion. Now players are waiting patiently for the event to release.

    Now they should slowly shift their minds from the Heist League to this, because the last event called Heist Flashback will last until the GGG officially releases the POE 3.13 expansion. The duration of the first two activities is only one week, and the duration of the last activity is three weeks. In order to tap the potential of the game, the game team will carry the excellent mechanics in the previous league to these activities. It can also evoke good memories of players and play games more motivated.

    We can regard heist Flashback Event as a competition between players and excellent Mods in the past. The entire event is like a chaos. They need to compete for the strongest power and the highest glory in an extremely crazy game environment. In addition to Heist, each area in Wraeclast will randomly select the following three Mods. It will change these mods every hour. Although this is a Heist event, besides the past mod chaos, you can also access the content of Heist in its current form. This is another event in the Heist League, which means players need to create a new character to take part.

    Similar to the last rewards of the first two events, in the four versions of the event, the top five in each promotion category will award the authority of a new Demigod. The authority of each demigod will show your activity level. For each version of the flashback event, they will award these to the top five players in each promotion category. During the event, changing the player’s advantage category will be disabled. It also means that players can Buy POE Currency before participating in these activities, which will be safer.