POE Mayhem Event detailed description

  • On November 23rd of this year, GGG released an announcement rich in new content, which attracted the attention of most players and produced an appropriate chemical reaction in the game. It not only refreshed many players who bewildered but also regained confidence in many people who were very disappointed in Path of Exile not long ago. The content of the announcement stated that there will be three epic events next month, and many players also bought lots of POE Currency for this.

    The names of the three events are Mayhem Event and Endless Delve Event and Heist Flashback Event. By then, the first to appear in front of players is the Mayhem Event that will release on December 4th at 3pm Eastern Time. Players who have seen GGG’s post on the Path of Exile official forum may have known that this event will last for a week, and the Endless Delve Event will release at the same time on the afternoon of December 11th, which also will continue for one week. The final Heist Flashback Event will continue until the POE 3.13 expansion release.

    The Mayhem Event draws on the mechanisms and gameplay that have been highly praised by players in multiple leagues in the past, and the game team stimulated the potential of these mechanisms to their peak. Players will experience a chaotic battle activity under anarchy, which also means that the game environment they are in will become extremely bad. When players are fighting, not only have to be aware of whether there are new enemies or bosses around, but also be wary of whether other players will attack themselves. The system will change the mechanism of the current zone every hour.

    However, if the players can survive the Mayhem Event safely, the loot they can harvest is also extremely rich. In the four versions of the event (Standard, Standard SSF, Hardcore, Hardcore SSF), the top five in each promotion category will award the new Demigod authority. The authority of each demigod will show the player’s activity level. Therefore, for greater glory, competitive players are best to Buy POE Currency and POE Items first.