Path of Exile 2 most likely to appear in 2022

  • RPG fans who are hungry for action probably shouldn't hold their breath, because the ambitious sequel (which seems to be previewed this year) seems unlikely to launch this year.  In a phone interview, the head of the studio, Chris Wilson, interviewed the endgame of the original "Path of Exile" on the phone and talked about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the New Zealand studio.

    Wilson said: "I don't want to blame COVID on something, but this is only a large part of it at the moment." "Because the border in New Zealand is closed, we have difficulty recruiting internationally, so this weakens our asset creation. The exponential growth of the team. The development progress is not as fast as we want, so our goal is to fight as many Path of Exile 2 things as possible during 2021 and see how much progress we have made. Try to do More work may be done, which will give us a better understanding of release date , and we can estimate that it should be at the end of this year."

    When asked if "Path of Exile 2" might be launched sometime in 2022, Wilson said: "Yes, I think it is correct." He also mentioned that in the past few major updates, Working from home during lock-in slows down production. Nothing catastrophic, but this is a factor in the slight delay in the upcoming expansion.

    Nevertheless, fans of "Path of Exile" are not doomed to fail. The extended version of "Atlas" "Echoes" (to be launched on January 15) will bring a whole set of new environments to the game's broad end, some of which use assets from the sequel, and some new bosses are pursuing The new aesthetic of Exile 2. The taste of the matter is small, which may help bridge the gap when Path of Exile 2 was finally launched, because the two battles will share POE Currency.

    However, since Grinding Gear focuses on the production of "Path of Exile 2," Atlas's echo may be the biggest PoE update this year. Although quarterly updates and league activities will continue as planned, they may become less ambitious for some time. Nevertheless, after playing and enjoying its early version of PoE2, which debuted on Exilecon in November 2019, I think it is worth the wait. Because players can benefit more by POE Currency Buy.