Which Madden NFL game is more popular

  • Madden NFL is one of the oldest franchise companies in the game, and its first edition dates back to 1988. If you want to finally understand a series of products that can be used for a long time, you can easily complete the work from the many Madden 21 Coins. Now you can start with the latest issue of Madden NFL 21, or choose one of its predecessors, many of which are generally more popular.

    To help you make this decision, we decided to summarize the best Madden NFL games of the past decade. We don’t want to make this list too long, so we never go further than Madden NFL 11, which came out in July 2010.

    The latest work in the series had a difficult start when it was released in August. The game comes with common errors and malfunctions and other game interruptions. However, the biggest problem may be EA's increasingly aggressive monetization, which has led to more than a few players desperately buying Madden 21 tokens from other channels. This explains why sellers of the currency, often called Mut 21 coins, are so common these days.

    Although the latest works in the series are currently ineffective, last year's installment paid only marginally. Critics are not harsh on the console version, but the often overlooked PC port undoubtedly caused a sensation. The overall rating of Metacritic by users is not very good. If you really want to buy Madden NFL 20, we recommend that you choose the Xbox One version because it seems to be the most reliable version.

    Many Madden NFL fans claim that the series has been declining in recent years, which is something we cannot really argue. However, the series was a bit clumsy in its heyday. Madden NFL 12 is not necessarily bad, but compared to its excellent predecessor, it is really disappointing. The title introduces many new features, but players soon realize that most of them are still small and have little impact on gameplay. Especially madden 21 is very popular now, and players Buy Madden 21 Coins than the previous series.