Path of Exile: The 3.13.0 patch trailer makes players think

  • At 11:30 am on December 21, 2020, Matthias Brückle-the next blockbuster "Path of Exile" has been postponed to January, but developers will not miss this one that makes us want a trailer before Christmas opportunity. The video shows that POE Currency has undergone important changes.

    The developers of GGG, the studio behind Path of Exile, like to irritate players and provide them with materials for contemplation. The best example is the small trailer for the update 3.13.0. This situation will not appear until mid-January 2021, but it has already aroused strong expectations.

    The ominous title of the video is "He is nearby, eager to witness your battle", and shows that the huge Atlas device makes all the mechanisms previously shown in the game obscure. Most importantly, the insight of the game is fascinating: it seems that we can choose the preference (class classification) from the 3.13.0 revision to pick the past alliance mechanics for Atlas' adventure. This is indicated by the clickable icons "Abyss", "Withered" and "Orc". Remember the legion and the harvest. Or a completely different mechanism? Tell us your guess in the comments!

    As the video at the end reveals, the announcement will be broadcast live on January 7 at 8 pm, and the league itself will begin a week later on January 15. The developer previously announced that the promotion time of the alliance will be shortened so that the developer can concentrate on filtering errors and problems before showing the gameplay that needs to be changed. Like Heist, this causes players to feel frustrated. POE Orbs is the best assistant that can turn your frustration into motivation.