Madden Stream Picks: The Wonderful Game of DraftKings Fantasy F

  • We have entered the final game of the divisional finals of each team in this season's "Crazy Holiday" in the DreamKings. In the three "Crazy Sims" games played on Wednesday, we will end the game in the AFC South and then head to the West for a wonderful duel between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs. Make sure to check the updated standings for all playoffs at the end of the divisional game, and you can also view all the statistical leaders of the season so far. These leading role players can all be unlocked in madden 21 with Madden 21 Coins. On the "Holiday Season" homepage, there are special offers that you don't want to miss every day.

    Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders, $8,000 — The Chiefs defeated the Broncos in the most recent mock game, behind Mahomes With four touchdowns and 429 yards, the latter got 36.16 DKFP. For Mahomes, this outstanding performance is not only an outlier, Mahomes is the only QB to get a perfect score of 99 points. In his 32 Madden 21 Sims, he completed a total of 75 touchdown passes and added 9 sprint points, averaging 289.9 pass yards per game. Mahomes is low-risk because he almost always finds a way to come up with good numbers in another way, and 69% of his Madden 21 Sims have more than 20 DKFPs. He is also very tall, reaching over 30 DKFP in 25% of the games. He should be able to show another outstanding performance against the Raiders, so if you can afford your high salary, you can pay for him.

    Gardner Minshew II, Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans, $6,000-Although Mahomes is as good as ever, he is not the best QB in the small sample size of the holiday season. The most important thing is Minshew, who led his undefeated Jaguar to victory over the Colts and the Titans. Minshew had more than 300 passing yards and 3 touchdowns on his way to virtual Tennessee to get 28.88 DKFP, followed by two pass touchdowns and charge points against the Colts, totaling 26.5 DKFP. In the past 8 Sims, he has at least 17 DKFP, and has remained stable throughout Madden’s 21 Sims, with an average of 215.4 pass yards per game and his 46 touchdown passes. Both the ball and 4 points surpassed his 28 Madden 21 Sims. The Houston Texans is also a great matchup against QB, so Minshew should be able to continue to the next round through this favorable matchup. If you decide that you cannot afford Mahomes, Minshew is the best choice on this bench.

    Derrick Henry, Tennessee Giants and Indianapolis Colts, $7,900-The Colts and Giants have defeated the Texans and lost to the Jaguars so far this holiday season There was an interesting "win-win" duel between the teams. Henry performed well in both games, but his performance was not outstanding. He scored 22.2 DKFP against Jacksonville and 21.4 DKFP against Houston. His chance of getting 20 DKFP in 28 simulation games of Madden 21 is almost locked, because he is now ranked third in addition to the heavy work as RB1. Henry added 3.9 points in 88.1 rushing yards per game to 26.4 yards, and achieved good results in five touchdowns, reaching 28 points. He participated in this competition, won more than 21 DKFP in three consecutive simulation games, and released 31.1 DKFP in his only simulation game with these horses. His PPR production is a good safety net, and for his Gao always occupy the dominant position, you can't do without Cheap Madden 21 Coins, which will allow you to navigate the entire game.