Pre-download Path of Exile Heist will make mistakes

  • Heist players who pre-downloaded the latest league "ath of Exile" received an error message, but the game developers found a solution.

    Over the years, with the release of an update called Alliance, "Path of Exile" has grown and continued to release the next PC version of Heist this weekend. Inspired by theft movies such as "Ocean Eleven", the content of this "Ginding Gear" game allows players to form a team of thieves, break into high-security locations, obtain POE Currency, and implement rewards, item and mechanical upgrades.

    The new update did not go as planned. Before the premiere, players can pre-download the seeds of the "Path of Exile" of the Heist League, but there are reports that many of them made mistakes. In addition, this issue prevents players from accessing the rest of the game, forcing them to download the entire game again.

    The official Path of Exile Twitter account explains that anyone who handles the error before downloading can fix it themselves. Affected players must delete the torrent file labeled "Content.ggpk", start the game, allow it to download the latest patch, and restart. From there, they can complete this process through POE Currency Buy.

    Grinding Gear said it is investigating the Heist download issue and will provide an update as soon as possible. With luck, this means it will solve the problem soon. Path of Exile is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.